South Dundas landfill scrutiny

MORRISBURG – With only 2.2 years of life remaining at the Matilda Landfill South Dundas council sat down at a January 11 Committee of the Whole meeting to plan what’s next.

With a staff report outlining options such as shipping all curbside waste to GFL in Moose Creek, the elimination of further industrial/commercial/institutional waste from the Matilda Landfill site and a reduction in bag limits in-hand, council agreed with some of the staff recommendations.

Council had no desire to reduce the weekly bag limit to prolong the life of the landfill.

They did agree to sending all curbside waste to GFL instead of Matilda landfill. They did not decide how soon this change will take place.

South Dundas deputy mayor Marc St. Pierre said that the municipality should divert the waste to Moose Creek right away, while South Dundas councillor Danielle Ward said that they should use up the Matilda Landfill asset and get it closed. “It’s a very expensive asset to keep operating,” she said.

Staff will iron out the details and bring back a report for council approval at a future meeting.

Once the change does take place, it will cost taxpayers an additional $126,000 per year.

Council also agreed to changes that will no longer allow for industrial/commercial/institutional waste to be accepted at the Matilda Landfill site. The details of that change will be ironed out in a future staff report that will also require council approval.

As these changes are being made, South Dundas will change its recycled goods vendor to HJC, which is South Dundas’ existing collection service provider.

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