House Mover mural returns

MORRISBURG – Last week, the replacement Cruickshank mural depicting the Hartshorne house mover was reinstalled to its original home, the south side exterior of Morrisburg Public School.

South Dundas municipal employee Jake Blais was putting the finishing touches on the installation last Wednesday.

The original mural was taken down because of wind damage last year.

Blais explained that the new installation is photos of the mural by John Gleed printed by Sports Fix on the 18 panels that make up the installation.

South Dundas deputy mayor Kirsten Gardner, who worked for South Dundas as the coordinator of the original mural project almost 20 years ago, spoke to The Leader about the recent installation.

“It’s very satisfying to see that we are able to save this beautiful rendition of a historical moment in South Dundas,” said Gardner. “With Les Cruickshank and Glen Cunningham having passed away, it is also a monument to those who had passion for their community and for our history.”

She said that: “The mural is of artistic significance as well, as it was originally painted by David Yeatman (one of Canada’s top mural artists) who also recently passed away. It is wonderful that technology has progressed to the point that these murals can be saved in a new way, that is cost effective.”

Depicted is one of two Hartshorne House Movers which moved buildings intact during the Seaway project.

This mural was originally sponsored by Les Cruickshank.

The house on the house mover was at one time home of the Cruickshank family who are depicted in the mural.

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