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What’s acceptable?

Freedom of speech and debate are the cornerstone of a democratic society. That doesn’t give anyone the right to make comments that are unlawful, defamatory, overly sexually explicit, malicious, threatening, profane, or advocate violence.

Attacking or harassing other people who comment will not be tolerated. Failure to observe these guidelines will mean comments may be deleted without notice. Continued abuse of these policies will result in your user account being banned from The Leader’s Facebook page.

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How are the comments moderated?

Most comments are post-moderated, meaning that The Leader may remove comments that have already been published our Facebook page. If a comment disappears, it’s likely because it violated our commenting guidelines. Commenting threads will be closed when the comments veer into commercial advocacy or spreading mis-information.

What if I see a comment that violates the commenting guidelines?

Click on the drop-down for the comment and report it to administration.

The Leader has a zero-tolerance policy for comments that promote commercial endeavours. These often turn into get-rich-quick schemes or spam.

The Leader takes no responsibility for any of the claims made by spammers. We will remove and ban comments without warning.

Last updated November 2, 2021.