Bringing Carman House up to code to maintain tenancy

Carman House – File photo

MORRISBURG – The Carman House saga appears to be drawing near to a conclusion.

South Dundas council approved a report at the January 29 meeting that will result in the building being brought up to Ontario Building Code requirements as set out in a January 23rd compliance review by Architecture49 Inc.

Director of planning and enforcement Don Lewis presented council with the A49 compliance review and its recommendations.

Lewis explained that the OBC will not allow for the switching of occupancies seasonally, so the only way to maintain tenancy is to fulfill building code requirement.

The A49 compliance report, spells out necessary fire shutters, egress and fire rating requirements and proposes a solution to maintain the existing building finishes and install additional precautionary items, such as hard-wired alarms.

Upon seeing the report South Dundas deputy mayor Kirsten Gardner said, “I’m frustrated. I really wanted a tabled solution with costs, time-lines, the whole deal so we could make a full decision.”

Councillor Lloyd Wells whose background is in construction, assured Gardner, and council, that this latest report is much better than the last one because it shows him exactly what needs to be done.

“Basically, with this the cost is there. This is very doable. Now we can get quotes,” said Wells.

“This is as close as we have been to finding a solution that can work,” said South Dundas councillor Archie Mellan.

“I’m just happy we’re getting close to the end,” said South Dundas councillor Donald Lewis.

South Dundas chief administrative officer and treasurer Shannon Geraghty said the job could go to tender within a couple of weeks with results as soon as March.

“This in the end will allow what we want to do with the Carman House,” said South Dundas mayor Steven Byvelds.

“It allows the tenant upstairs and the museum downstairs.”

Some renovation work including kitchen and bathroom upgrades will also take place.

“Lets just get it going and get it done,” said Byvelds.

Council and staff agreed.

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