2022 Municipal Election – Question of the Week for October 19, 2022

SOUTH DUNDAS – This week marks the end of The Leader’s Question of the Week series featuring submissions for the 2022 South Dundas Municipal election candidates. As a thank you to the candidates for their participation, this week’s question was not a question. This week is ‘Open Mic’.

The candidates were given 175 words of copy space courtesy of The Leader to use as they saw fit to talk about whatever they want voters to remember as they prepare to vote. Eligible electors have the opportunity to vote via internet or paper ballot during the voting period, that commences on Wednesday, October 19, 2022 at 9 a.m. and concludes on Monday, October 24 at 8 p.m.

Mayoral candidates

Jason Broad

I am ready.

It’s been two months since I decided to run. I have been listening to your concerns and studying the reports. I understand there are serious issues that require our immediate attention. On day one, I will put actions into place and build the relationships necessary to move South Dundas forward.

Since my announcement to run, I have been overwhelmed with support. Now I’m asking for your vote. I will work hard for you. I want you to be proud to call me your Mayor. I will bring a culture of respect and professionalism to the Council Chamber. I believe if we focus on working together on finding solutions, we can build a better South Dundas.

My wife, Shelley, is a small business owner. My daughter, Cameryn, wants to return after University because she wants to build a life here. My son, Joshua, stayed for school to play Hockey with our local Junior Team.

I’m here for the long haul. This is my community. This is my home. Vote Jason Broad for Mayor.

Bill Ewing

How to choose your next mayor should be the question on your mind. I am the only candidate that has served on the South Dundas council for three and a half terms. I have sat on many committees and boards, too numerous to list. I attended Seaway District High School. I’m a local businessman, previous owner of Pokey’s Place in Morrisburg Plaza, now owner of Bill’s Towing. Serving on the Iroquois fire department for 35+ years provides a background experience no other candidate has. I bring to the table experience in procedures and processes. Budgets, cost effective landfill and compost sites, better maintained infrastructure, agriculture, education, housing, medical care – the list goes on, are all important issues. Bring forward the studies that have been paid for and temporarily put aside and revise accordingly. I am only interested in what is best for South Dundas. Your priority is my priority. I am ready to lead a new council and make a difference. Make your voice heard and VOTE Bill Ewing for your next mayor. Thank you.

Kirsten Gardner

Thank you to The Leader, readers and the folks who have attended my six meet me @ events throughout South Dundas. As Deputy Mayor I have worked with residents to move community projects forward (tourism, economic development, Morrisburg waterfront, doctor recruitment and the youth advisory committee).

At County council I chair the Rural Education committee (advocating for our children). Outside of my role as a municipal councillor, I have sat on the Morrisburg Public school parent council, the current board chair for Victim Services of SDG&A and I am on the executive for Friends of GTR 1008 (save the train), working to keep the beloved train in South Dundas.

For me, running to be your Mayor isn’t about the title. It’s about the work and the responsibility to make decisions and solve problems, some of which will have an impact on your life and that of your family and friends.

As your Mayor, I will continue to connect, work and advocate for you and this great place we all call home. Let’s continue to move forward! Thank you.

Deputy Mayoral candidates

Donald Lewis

Citizens of South Dundas, why should I be the next Deputy Mayor?

The answer is this: this is what I will bring to the table; common sense, experience, knowledge of the municipality. I am a people person, a good listener and I like to get things done.

The last four years sitting on Council we have accomplished a lot of projects and if elected I would like to continue making South Dundas a place to be proud of.

I will speak for the majority of the people and you will be heard.

I’m out every day listening and talking to your concerns and if possible trying to rectify them. This is why I should be your next Deputy Mayor, but that is your decision. Get out and vote, be heard for the next Council in the upcoming four years.

Marc St. Pierre

The next four years will be a challenge in successfully addressing the public’s concerns and gaining the trust of the next elected Council.

I am committed to strengthening the Municipalities financial fiscal budget by seizing and developing opportunities for growth. Economic growth is a key component in easing the pressures of rising user fees and property taxes. I have maintained the importance of Council to continuously work with business owners, residence, and community leaders so that our concepts and ideas will become a South Dundas reality.

The past few weeks have been a great experience. I’ve learned that the people are passionate and proud to live in South Dundas and want a Council to represent all of our communities and help this Municipality to reach its fullest potential. If elected, I will maintain an open communication policy, I truly believe that your opinions and ideas matter for the betterment of our communities.

As stated in the all-candidates meeting, we have a choice, and on October 24, I ask for your support as Deputy Mayor of South Dundas.

Tammy Thom

I am a candidate for Deputy Mayor because I’m concerned about how we will manage the upcoming critical infrastructure needs of our municipality. I understand this is a major concern of the taxpayers.

We must move ahead with appropriate economic development to add to our tax base. All the while considering our agriculture industry, and enriching our unique history and cultural heritage. This will encourage young families to stay within South Dundas, attract new families and professionals, such as doctors.

I represent the forward thinking that many in South Dundas desire. The size and diversity of South Dundas needs a Deputy Mayor who will represent the entire municipality! I am excited to move forward with these agendas as your Deputy Mayor. It would be my privilege to serve you.

Councillor Candidates

Michael Burton

It’s time to decide who will represent us, both municipally and at Counties. Let’s choose wisely. Everyone has done well through the process. Vote for the right people to form a diverse council—people who will work hard and alongside others who have knowledge of different skills.

We need people who will work well with the municipal staff, enabling them to have a strong and prosperous work environment.

Let’s build a strong community, one of which we are proud, one that others will want to be part of.

We face large financial challenges in the coming years. Let’s identify what is important and work toward it.

For the benefit of both businesses and families, we have to concentrate on our schools.

People relocating here for business must know their children have a safe community.

Mental health is a dilemma, not only for urban folk but for those in agriculture.

Every corner of South Dundas has someone important.

It’s time to bring our community together to be a successful and thriving Municipality.

Trevor Riopelle

Issues: landfills, housing, recreation, recycling, permitting, professionalism, accountability and the list goes on. We know what the issues are. We have the means to fix or help facilitate these items. We just need a fresh outlook on the process’s, designs, permitting, funding and holding those who are responsible, accountable for their actions.

Please remember the very first question that I answered, “We live in a beautiful community, great roads, great waterways, and wonderful tourist attractions” I still believe this is true.

What we lack is vision and accountability from the top to the bottom!

I’ve said during my campaigning that we are on the edge of change. Let’s hit the ground running together. Everyone wants a change, in with the new, out with the old: but I hear in the background “the old council did okay”.

Take the leap of faith; let’s see what I can do for you! I can assure you of two things, that being positive will not always generate success, but I can tell you being negative will always lead to failure. I am for the people, for change.

Tom Smyth

I’ve visited with a lot of people in South Dundas over the last four months. I’ve talked to a few about their personal struggles, but for the most part, we are doing well here in South Dundas.

A lot of us were in a bad spot in the middle of the pandemic, but most have recovered. Not all, but most. The pandemic definitely exposed a few weaknesses in society. From supply chains, to health care, to mental health, we all experienced some pain.

Some things that need to be worked on moving forward are doctor recruitment, mental health counselling, commercial development, and resolving our landfill situation. If elected, I will work diligently on these issues.

South Dundas is positioned in an area that is perfect for Tourism, Commercial and Industrial development, and Housing development. I’ve traveled a lot of North America, and I still think that South Dundas is the best place on Earth.

On October 24th, I hope to be your choice as councillor to lead the municipality for the next four years.

Cole Veinotte

The last few weeks of campaigning have been a lot of fun and extremely informative. One thing that stands out to me is the number of residents that feel unheard and would like the opportunity to have input on certain subjects.

I’ve been bouncing around an idea about bringing back town hall meetings for the purpose of major projects and issues. The goal is to give residents the opportunity to share their thoughts and input so that it’s handled reflective of the residents rather than just the people sitting around the council table.

I have also noticed some recurring concerns about waste and compost management, doctor recruitment and the need for jobs and new industry to help build our communities. These are all issues that require clear, concise and educated planning and that’s where I feel I can be of benefit to South Dundas.

I’d like to thank everyone who came out to meet the candidates with questions and concerns and I’m hoping to see a strong voter turnout on October 24th.

Danielle Ward

Beginning October 19th you will be able to vote for the municipal government in South Dundas.

From the roads you drive to work- and the water you drink- to the parks your children play in- and more- you are voting for things that will directly impact you, your family, and our community.

I am passionate about transparent and educated decision making, vocal about being proactive on policy creation, and strongly in favour of community building and support. I want to represent and support your goals South Dundas whether you are a young family, a senior, a farmer, a small business owner, an employee, new to the community or a life long resident.

I need you to vote South Dundas- I need you to vote to ensure accountability, transparency, and affordability.

I need you to vote Danielle Ward so that I may continue important conversations with you, implement proper policies to move our community forward, and help rebuild our community after a difficult three years. Together we can lead South Dundas into the future.

Lloyd Wells

Thanks to The Leader for this Q&A series and thanks to people for taking time to read our responses.

In the last four years I’ve been part of major progress on infrastructure including the complete rehabilitation of two water towers, rehabilitation of Ontario Street, 4km of upgraded sidewalks in Morrisburg and Iroquois, 40kms of resurfacing rural roads and a new Taylor Road bridge, plus a roundabout in Morrisburg, just to name a few. On economic growth, we finalized an agreement with Swank Construction for the Dutch Meadows subdivision.

Moving forward, if re-elected, I will strive for not wasting taxpayers’ money and continuing to spend taxpayers’ money wisely.

Over the next four years the incoming council has a lot of work to do. The main thing we need is housing. Dutch Meadows is a good start, but what we need is affordable housing, such as low income and fixed income housing for young families starting out and for our seniors. With proper planning and good incentives we can attract developers and investors.

With my council and business experience, and common sense, I can help move South Dundas forward.

Jeff Welsh

South Dundas has progressed well in the past, although compared to other municipalities we need much more improvement to become a sustainable and thriving community. There is no better time than the present to begin laying the ground work to do just that!

I believe our municipal priorities should include affordable residential and senior housing, attracting new visitors and businesses, creating more jobs, recruiting more Doctors as well as creating new infrastructures. Road maintenance, education, environmental issues and an improved waste management plan are all priorities as well. The key components to address these issues will be municipal staffing, transparency and accountability, along with increased interactions with the community and volunteers. If elected I am committed to work hard to achieve what is best for ALL of South Dundas. I am committed to being the people’s voice. I would like to thank all volunteers for making South Dundas a better community. In closing I would like ask all residents to please take the time to vote. Together, we can make a difference!

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