Editorial: Now it is your turn to do your part

For the past five months, citizens in South Dundas have had multiple opportunities to connect with local municipal election candidates, talk about the issues, and observe as candidates make their cases about why each is your best choice in the October 24 election to serve as your representative for the next four years.

Voters face a difficult choice in this election. Unlike neighbouring municipalities where there are looming physical infrastructure limitations to growth and progress, South Dundas faces issues that are not as easy to define in a catchy buzz phrase. These are not existential issues, rather perceptual issues. How is South Dundas seen by others? Is South Dundas appealing enough to attracting new investment, jobs, and growth? How can South Dundas continue to be a great community in which to live?

Not only do those elected to council need to look after the interests of this community, they need to provide a welcoming attitude to keep us open to opportunities that will come from outside this community.

Which candidates – mayor, deputy mayor, and three councillors – are the right combination to support and champion what you want in your community?

Council is elected at large because South Dundas is one community. Those elected to council should reflect that fact and not seek to play groups or pre-amalgamation communities against each other.

Voters do have a choice this election: go backwards, tread water, or move forward and progress over the next four years.

Which council candidates have the right ideas to meet what challenges and unforeseen challenges may arise?

Who are the politicians you want to be the face of South Dundas? Who best reflects your values and beliefs? What issues do the candidates truly care about? Where do you think the right combination of candidates will take South Dundas, and how will they get there?

Is the election a popularity contest, or more about electing those who truly are the right people to do the job? Tough choices to be sure. Having the right to vote does not mean it is easy to decide who to vote for.

As a policy, The Leader does not endorse individual candidates for elected office – we endorse the political process of participatory democracy. Every resident who is able to vote has a duty as a citizen to take part in this process. Participation should be more than casting your ballot. Participation should include ensuring you make an informed decision about those ballot choices you make. When you vote, please ensure the choices you make are ones that you can be proud of, because we all have to live with the results for the next four years.

Remember to vote October 24, and thank you to the citizens of South Dundas and to all 13 candidates for giving us a choice.

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