Recreation Master Plan approved

MORRISBURG – The South Dundas Recreation Master Plan presented to council by consultants Monteith Brown was approved by council at it October 11 meeting.

“This is the final step. It will put it in staff’s court to begin implementation,” said South Dundas director of parks recreation and facilities David Jansen when he recommended that council approve the plan.

Although council, during the draft stages of the plan had expressed disappointment with some of what was outlined in the plan, they ultimately agreed to approve the $75,000 10-year guiding document.

South Dundas deputy mayor Kirsten Gardner, who was most outspoken about her disappointment with the plan, was the only member of council who voted against its approval.

She explained that having heard and understood the staff perspective concerning the plan and its implementation, her vote against the plan was not about the work that staff had put into the plan. She said she was voting against the plan because of its flawed consultation process.

Nonetheless, the other members of council voted to accept the plan as presented.

“It’s a good working document,” said South Dundas councillor Archie Mellan.

South Dundas mayor Steven Byvelds said that a new recreation master plan was something that he wanted to completed when he started this term of council.
However, he said that the document they now have is “a bit challenged” but provides enough basis to work with.

He did add that the product they received did not match the $75,000 price tag it carried. “I wish it had a bit more to it,” said Byvelds. He said this council will leave the document in the hands of staff to implement and that the next council can review it and massage it.

Jansen has assured council on many occasions that there are plenty of non-contentious actionable items within the plan where they can start implementation.

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