South Stormont to collaborate on waterfront plan

A concept drawing of the proposed waterfront plan for Long Sault. (Contributed/South Stormont)

LONG SAULT – Following the development of a new waterfront plan over the past 12 months, the Township of South Stormont announced today (August 20th) that it will be collaborating with the St. Lawrence Parks Commission to move that plan forward.

“The opportunity to collaborate with the SLPC on the concept plans for the waterfront is something we should all be excited about,” said mayor Bryan McGillis in a release. “Resident access to the waterfront has been a topic of contention for many years, and the concepts of this plan calls for improved access and expanded recreation opportunities.”

The SLPC owns much of the waterfront lands in South Stormont and eastern portion of South Dundas.

The South Stormont plan calls for five areas of park expansion or creation including along the Long Sault and Ingleside village waterfronts, and at Hoople Bay. Unlike their neighbours to the west in South Dundas, the two Seaway villages in South Stormont have little access or control over its waterfront.

South Stormont worked with Sierra Management and Planning Group and The MBTW Group to develop its waterfront plan, with significant public consultation. The plan was then presented to the SLPC board as many of the waterfront areas covered by the plan are owned by the Parks Commission.

“The SLPC Board and staff are committed to ongoing cooperation with the township in a joint effort to revitalize the waterfront and increase access, all benefitting the local economy, residents and visitors,” said SLPC Board of Commissioners chair, the Honourable Bob Runciman.

The board put its stamp of approval on South Stormont’s plan at its meeting in late-July.

No details were released on exactly how the township and Parks Commission were going to collaborate, or if any land transfer would occur. No time frame was given for when the collaboration would take place or how long any of the projects would take to complete.


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