Change coming to local waterfront

South Dundas council met in person for the first time in four months in a special council meeting on July 7th to manage the ongoing waterfront concerns in the municipality.

MORRISBURG – What has been happening weekends at the waterfronts, especially at the Morrisburg waterfront has gotten so far out of hand that South Dundas council held a special meeting Tuesday, just to address the issue.

South Dundas mayor Steven Byvelds started the meeting saying that council needs to take charge of the situation to address the issues.

He was careful to say that this was absolutely not meant as any disrespect to the waterfront committee.

Staff and each member of council took turns making suggestions about how they could address the issues that they have all made a point to see first hand over the past couple of weekends.

While each had slightly different ideas, the overall theme and solution will come from the common themes that revealed themselves at the meeting.

Blocking cars from parking on greenspace with bollards and large boulders will happen.

Signage will be added to the area to better direct locals and visitors to appropriate parking spaces.

Additional curbing, speed bumps and ditching are also measures that could be used to help better direct cars to more suitable areas.

Additional parking will be added and boat-trailer parking will be directed to the Legion and arena lots.

Council aims to provide accessible parking for those with mobility issues.

“After this weekend, I’ll agree to pretty much anything,” said South Dundas councillor Donald Lewis. “We just have to do something. They’re taking advantage of us.”

Work is expected to begin as soon as possible, aiming for some improvements by this weekend.

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