Celebrating the Class of 2020 in new ways

Good-bye and Good Luck: Seaway’s Class of 2020 – This past week, Seaway District High School in Iroquois said farewell to 50 Spartan graduates through virtual ceremonies and in-person drop-offs to each of the grads. High School graduation changed this year as schools were closed and learning went online to finish out the 2019-20 school year. This year, nearly $42,000 in bursaries were awarded to the students, proving that even during a pandemic, South Dundas businesses, service organizations and residents support their community high school. Pictured above is a composite photo of the grads. (Contributed/Photovisions photos)

SOUTH DUNDAS – Unable to celebrate the Class of 2020 at various schools in South Dundas because of restrictions due to the COVID-19 pandemic, schools took to new in-person and virtual ways to commemorate these milestones.

Elementary and Intermediate schools in South Dundas used online celebration ceremonies, with slide shows and videos shared on social media and Microsoft Teams. This included graduations at Morrisburg Public School, Iroquois Public School, St. Mary-St. Cecilia Catholic School, and Seaway District Intermediate School. This year, Timothy Christian School did not have any Grade 8 students moving to secondary school.

The staff at Seaway District High School took an in-person and online approach to celebrate the 50 graduates of the Class of 2020.

On June 23rd, in addition to an online slide show, staff “Spartan’ed” graduates dropping off gift bags, balloons, a yard sign, and other special presents for students.

“The community support was absolutely amazing throughout this whole time with both the bursaries and the graduation celebration,” said Seaway principal Geoff Trasuk. “We were trying to make it special realizing what the graduates had missed with the graduation and the prom.”

He added that the Class of 2020 will still have an in-person graduation in June 2021.

“The community support is just unbelievable,” Trasuk said. “The staff really pulled together to make this all happen, along with school council chair Joyce Latulippe.”

Grade 8 students from Seaway, who were also unable to celebrate their graduation in-person this year, will be receiving “swag bags” from the school by courier in the next week Trasuk told The Leader.

“It’s important to mark this juncture in their lives. This is their move from teenagers into adulthood,” said Seaway teacher Carrie Gilmour. “All their hard work for the past four years shouldn’t be ignored because of this pandemic. They deserved to have this celebrated in whatever way we could.”

Businesses that donated to the “Spartan’ed” event include: The Morrisburg Leader; The Alibi Restaurant; The MacIntosh Country Inn; The Docksyde; Gilmer’s Pharmacy; Mustard’s Variety; River Rat Treasures; KBD Transportation; Kim Duncan’s Thirty-One Products; Lakeshore Massage Therapy; Almost Paradise Esthetics; Sugarbrig by Melanie; The Municipality of South Dundas; Cedar Glen Golf Course; Sharlene Caines’s Norwex and Pampered Chef; Iroquois Golf Course; David Lapier at the Marsden and McLaughlin Funeral Homes; Quesada Burritos and Tacos; Upper Canada Campground; Chartwell-Wedgewood and Hartford Retirement Homes; Morrisburg Golf Course; Hairology; Morrisburg Dental; McMillen Automotive; Terry Tinkess Photography; and Hicks Insurance Brokers Ltd.

“A heartfelt thank you to the businesses that donated to our graduation drop off,” Gilmour said.

Celebrating the grads

Our Class of 2020 coverage continues on pages 6 and 7 of the print edition of The Leader, where we asked the Seaway Class of 2020 how COVID-19 affected their learning, and what their plans are for this fall. Class photos and awards from Seaway District Intermediate School, St. Mary-St. Cecilia Catholic School, Iroquois Public School and Morrisburg Public School are also in the July 1st print edition of the paper. To find a list of retailers who sell The Leader, click here.

Seaway District High School 2020 bursaries

This year, the Seaway District High School Grade 12 graduating Class of 2020 received $41,875 in bursary awards from the community.

“This is such amazing support from our community, even in these trying times,” said Seaway teacher Lindsay Kennedy. “We really appreciate it so much, and we know our graduates do too.”

Annette Angus Award – Josh Leclair.

Annie A. Boyd Scholarship – Nick Howard.

Bank of Montreal Bursary – Kali Brimner.

Beavers Dental Bursary – Alex Stewart, and Thomas Mockler-Rowntree.

Brinston Open Bursary – Madison Machielson.

Canada’s Capital University Award – Bryce St. Pierre.

Canadian Federation of University Women Bursary – Krista Strader.

Canadian Power & Sail Squadron Bursary – Mackenzie McKee-Markell.

Character Always Award – Christian Mueller.

Chris Salmon Memorial Bursary – Rianna McMillan.

Committee for Equity and Diversity (CfED) – OSSTF26 Bursary – Jacob Pretty, and Veronica Alfaro-Peters.

Dean & Melanie Swerdfeger – Entrepreneurial Spirit Award – Devon Swindells, and Bryce St. Pierre.

Debbie Strader Memorial Bursary – Benjamin Vreman.

Dundas County Soil & Crop Improvement Association Bursary – Brandon Ault, and Jake Cutler.

Dundas Federation of Agriculture Bursary – Brandon Ault.

E.A. Award (Brenda Liezert & Jan Mustard) Bursary – Blake Feht.

Effie Prunner Memorial Bursary – Kali Brimner.

Elma Public School Bursary – Jacob Garlough.

Evonik Oil Additives Canada Inc. Bursary – Alex Stewart.

Foodland-Iroquois Bursary – Dante Caines, and Harley Heustis.

Former Williamsburg Royal Canadian Legion Branch 538 Bursary – Zoey Van Hoof, and Mackenzie McKee-Markell.

Frank and Pat Ault Memorial Bursary – Trent Fawcett, and Ben Vreman.

Friendly Brothers Masonic Lodge 143 Bursary – Dante Caines, and Jaeden Shaver.

George Davidson Fund Bursary – Nathan Disotell.

Good Neighbour Award – Krista Strader.

Hugh Porter Memorial Bursary – Thomas Mockler-Rowntree.

I.O.O.F. Williamsburg Lodge #349 Bursary – Jake Cutler.

In Memory of Garry Banford Bursary – Nathan Verhey.

Iroquois Amateur Radio Club Bursary – Kali Brimner, and Michaela Mustard.

Iroquois Public School Parent Council Bursary – Bryce St. Pierre.

Iroquois Royal Canadian Legion Branch 370 Bursary – Jayden Rowe, Michaela Mustard, Krista Strader, and Curran GIlmour.

Iroquois Volunteer Firefighters Association Bursary – Reagan Belanger, and Rianna McMillen.

Iroquois-Matilda Lions Club Bursary – Nick Howard, Christian Mueller, Jayden Rowe, and Alex Stewart.

Isabel McInnis Memorial Bursary – Nick Howard, Michaela Mustard, and Reagan Belanger.

Jamieson Memorial Bursary – Dante Caines.

Jason Lee Hill Memorial Bursary – Zoe-Lynn Thompson.

JED Express Ltd – Edwin Duncan Award – Trent Fawcett, and Maddie Faubert.

Jeffrey Buchanan Memorial Bursary/South Dundas Soccer – Theo Blancher, Jacob Garlough, and Ben Vreman.

Jim McDonell, MPP Bursary – Kali Brimner.

Johnny Whitteker Memorial Bursary – Rianna McMillen, and Christian Mueller.

Lieutenant Governor’s Community Volunteer Award – Ben Vreman.

Lions Blake Cruickshank, Leland Van Allen, Harry van Moorsel Memorials (Morrisburg & District Lions Club) Bursary – Bryce St. Pierre, Devon Swindells, and Theo Blancher.

Loyal Orange Lodge Bursary – Chelsey Osborne, and Kali Brimner.

Marsden McLaughlin Funeral Home Bursary – Curran Gilmour.

Morrisburg & District Arts & Crafts Bursary – Nick Howard.

Morrisburg Leader Bursary – Jake Cutler.

Morrisburg Public School Bursary – Kenzie Dowson.

Mountain & District Lions Bursary– Krista Strader.

Municipality of South Dundas Bursary – Jeff McPhail, Regan Tysick, and Joey Millward.

Ontario Power Generation Bursary – Thomas Mockler-Rowntree, and Damion Sheaves.

Order of the Eastern Star Violet Chapter Bursary – Zoe-Lynn Thompson.

OSSTF Bursary – Jayden Rowe.

Parcoll Products Ltd. Bursary – Cole Myers.

Perseverance Bursary – Zoe-Lynn Thompson.

Photovisions – Veronica Alfaro-Peters.

Pricedex Software ‘Justin O’Reilly Memorial’ Bursary – Rianna McMillen, and Kenzie Dowson.

Principal’s Award – Kali Brimner.

Randy Thompson Memorial Bursary – Blake Feht.

Ray John Barkley Memorial Bursary – Zoey Van Hoof, and Michaela Mustard.

Riverview Presbyterian Church Bursary – Dakota Ault, Nick Howard, Thomas Mockler-Rowntree, and Nathan Verhey.

Ronald Pitt Memorial Bursary – Jayden Rowe.

Ross Video Bursary – Damion Sheaves.

Royal Bank of Canada Bursary – Theo Blancher.

Royal Canadian Legion Branch 48 Bursary – Krista Strader, and Trent Fawcett.

Royal Canadian Legion Branch 48 Ladies Auxiliary Bursary – Krista Strader, and Kenzie Dowson.

RWTO Retired Women’s Teachers of Ontario Bursary – Chelsey Osborne.

Hicks Insurance Brokers & Grenville Mutual Insurance Company Bursary – Devon Swindells, and Brandon Ault.

Scott Van’t Foort Memorial Bursary – Kali Brimner.

Seaway DHS School Council Bursary – Alex Stewart, and Benjamin Vreman.

Seaway Staff Bursary – Kali Brimner.

Seaway Valley Singers Bursary – Nick Howard.

Sheldon Tryon Memorial Bursary – Jaeden Shaver.

St. Lawrence College Board of Governors Scholarship – Chelsey Osborne.

St. Lawrence Medical Clinic Bursary – Reagan Belanger.

St. Mary’s/St. Cecilia’s Catholic Women’s League Bursary – Angel Seillier, Damion Sheaves, and Zoey Van Hoof.

Stormont-Dundas District Women’s Institute Bursary – Michaela Mustard.

Student Success Bursary – Zack Levere, Josh Martin, Cole Myers, Haven Pelehos, Jacob Pretty, Tanner Rodgers, Connor Thompson, Jacob Venema, Noah Westervelt, and Maddie Faubert.

Swank Construction Bursary – Nathen Verhey, and Ben Vreman.

The Ball Arts Scholarship – Nick Howard.

The Ball International Development Award – Christian Mueller.

The Golden Gears Car Club Bursary – Jaeden Shaver.

The Kelly Buter Memorial Bursary – Chelsey Osborne.

The Melissa Ringler Memorial Scholarship – Krista Strader, and Curran Gilmour.

The Red Door Team – Remax Marquis Strength of Character Award – Maddie Faubert.

Third High Farms – Agriculture Bursary – Trent Fawcett, and Nathen Verhey.

United Counties Science Fair Bursary – Alex Stewart.

Upper Canada Campground Bursary – Angel Seillier.

Upper Canada Leger Centre for Education and Training Bursary – Chiara Natali.

Upper Canada Motor Sales Bursary – Jaeden Shaver.

Dr. Karen Salaj Upper Canada Vision Bursary – Reagan Belanger.

Weagant Farm Supplies Bursary – Bryce St.Pierre.

William N. Crooke Memorial Bursary – Krista Strader.

Williamsburg Meat Market Bursary – Dante Caines.

Williamsburg Recreation Bursary – Ben Vreman.

Yvon Mayer Bursary – Blake Feht.

Seaway District High School Class of 2020 Awards

Valedictorian – Bryce St. Pierre.

Governor General’s Medal – Krista Strader.

Most Outstanding Student – Alex Stewart

Outstanding Academic Achievements

Dakota Ault – Transportation Technology, Workplace.

Kali Brimner – English, University; Chemistry, University; French Immersion, University.

Kenzie Dowson – Mathematics, Workplace.

Blake Feht – Physics, College.

Jacob Garlough – Construction Technology, Workplace.

Nicolas Howard – English, University; Instrumental Music – University/College.

Joshua LeClair – Personal Fitness, Open.

Mackenzie McKee-Markell – Transportation Technology, College.

Rianna McMillen – Chemistry, College.

Joey Millward – Healthy Active Living Education, Open.

Thomas Mockler-Rowntree – Physics, University; Music Repertoire (Band) University/College.

Chiara Natali – Mathematics, College.

Haven Pelehos – Ontario Literacy Course.

Tanner Rodgers – English, College.

Jayden Rowe – Instrumental Music, University/College.

Angel Seillier – Ontario Literacy Course.

Jaeden Shaver – Construction Engineering Tech/Management, College.

Damion Sheaves – Construction Engineering Technology, College.

Bryce St. Pierre – Instrumental Music, University/College; Financial Accounting Principles University/College.

Alex Stewart – Biology, University.

Krista Strader – Advanced Functions, University.

Devon Swindells – Manufacturing Technology, College.

Zoe-Lynn Thompson – Ontario Literacy Course.

Regan Tysick – English, Workplace.

Nathen Verhey – Co-operative Education.

French certificates

Core French: Kali Brimner, and Connor Thompson.

Immersion French: Reagan Belanger, Maddie Faubert, Curran Gilmour, Nicholas Howard, Zack Levere, Rianna McMillen, Jayden Rowe, and Bryce St. Pierre.

Specialist High Skills Major Program

Agriculture SHSM Red Seal: Brandon Ault, Jacob Garlough, Curran Gilmour, Mackenzie McKee-Markell, Christian Mueller, Damion Sheaves, and Jacob Venema.

Construction SHSM Red Seal: Dakota Ault, Jake Cutler, Jeffrey McPhail, Joey Millward, Nathen Verhey, and Benjamin Vreman.

Health and Wellness SHSM Red Seal: Theo Blancher, and Maddie Faulbert.

Transportation Technology SHSM Red Seal: Trent Fawcett, and Cole Myers.

Ontario Youth Apprenticeship Program

Jake Cutler – Retail Meat Cutter.

Trent Fawcett – Truck and Coach Technician and Agricultural Equipment Technician.

Jacob Garlough – Electrician – Domestic and Rural.

Mackenzie McKee-Markell – Welder.

Jeffrey McPhail – General Carpenter Apprenticeship.

Joey Millward – Small Engine Technician Apprenticeship.

Cole Myers – Automotive Service Technician Apprenticeship.

Jacob Pretty – Assistant Cook Apprenticeship.

Damion Sheaves – Native Residential Construction Worker Apprenticeship.

Zoe-Lynn Thompson – Educational Assistant Apprenticeship.

Regan Tysick – Baker Apprenticeship.

Nathen Verhey – Packaging Machine Mechanic Apprenticeship.

Benjamin Vreman – Cabinetmaker Apprenticeship.

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