South Dundas to change beach operations in Morrisburg and Iroquois

Morrisburg and Iroquois Beaches to be closed to the public on weekends.

SOUTH DUNDAS – In light of the influx of visitors and over-crowding that occurred over the past weekend, and on Canada Day, the Municipality of South Dundas announced July 2nd that the Morrisburg and Iroquois beaches will be closed on weekends.

“We have heard the concern from our residents and seen over the weekends how busy the beaches have become. While we want to continue providing these leisure services to our residents, their safety is more important. By closing the beaches on the weekend, it is our hope that the traffic will be reduced and we can continue to operate throughout the summer,” said mayor Steven Byvelds.

The decision to change beach access came after assessing high volume traffic levels on weekends after the beaches opened for public use on June 22nd.

Both beaches will remain open during weekdays, Monday to Friday, with washrooms at the Iroquois Beach from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. Morrisburg does not have a working washroom currently due to construction on Ontario Street, but the municipality has said it will be adding a portable washroom for use at that beach soon.

In a release from the municipality, it said it would consult provincial and regional advice as the summer progresses and will re-evaluate the situation as needed.

The decision to close the beaches on weekends will not impact South Dundas Recreation’s swimming lesson program, which is scheduled to start July 6th.

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