Less than two years left for Williamsburg landfill

SOUTH DUNDAS – South Dundas’ landfill costs are set to rise as the Williamsburg waste disposal site is reaching capacity.

WSP, the consulting firm hired to undertake a full waste option analysis for the Municipality of South Dundas presented its findings to council at the April 2nd meeting.

As did the report completed and presented to South Dundas council March 15, 2018, by former landfill supervisor Gabriel Lefebvre, the option to convert the Matilda waste disposal site into a transfer station is still among the top recommendations.

The latest analysis shows that the Williamsburg landfill site is “very close to being full,” said Russell Chown, senior environmental Consultant with WSP.

He reported that it might have two years of capacity remaining, but said he is concerned that it could be less. At its current filling rate, Matilda has about six years of capacity remaining.

In examining any possible expansion at either site, costs at either are up over $2 million.

According to Chown, the Williamsburg site is slightly less favourable because it has environmental factors, including a nearby provincially significant wetland, that could hinder the process.

Even if South Dundas decides to proceed with expansion the application process is more than a two year process.

Since the Williamsburg site has less than two years of capacity remaining, the municipality will have to start trucking landfill.

According to the WSP report, securing an outside disposal contract will cost the municipality $308,425 per year for transportation and disposal.

In his conclusions Chown said that the option for a transfer station could cost less than $500,000 and that this option will facilitate the outside disposal contract option.

Also, enhanced diversion offers the greatest potential for increased efficiency.

The cost of a new medium-sized landfill (100,000 cubic meters max.) was estimated in the report at $3 million.

“One hundred thousand cubic meters is only 12 years of landfill,” said South Dundas mayor Steven Byvelds.

“We’re in bad shape,” said South Dundas councillor Lloyd Wells who suggested that they should focus on the transfer station and an expansion of the Matilda site.

“This is something that has to be addressed and addressed quickly,” he added.

Councillor Donald Lewis said that he liked the transfer station option, but he would like some time to consider the other options.

“The solution is going to be a combination of things,” said South Dundas deputy mayor Kirsten Gardner, pointing out the importance of enhanced diversion.

With such a big and important issue, council will plan a committee of the whole meeting to delve into the options in greater detail and to decide how to proceed.

This year’s environmental services (landfill) budget is about $1.1 million, which includes the $560,000 pickup/recycling contract.

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