UCDSB invests $1.5 million into Seaway High School

IROQUOIS – A familiar sight around Seaway District High School this summer has been construction equipment, a lot of construction equipment.

A wholesale list of construction projects are being tackled by the Upper Canada District School Board.

The school is in the process of a $1.5 million upgrade project targeting many of the school’s identified needs. The work began as soon as classes ended in June.
The hallways around the school are receiving new flooring, the walls a coat of paint, and new lockers are being installed.

“About 300 lockers are being replaced this year,” said Peter Bosch – manager of design and construction with the board. Bosch oversees capital project renovations like Seaway, and has overseen the construction of the new Kemptville Public School in Kemptville.

Bosch explained that some roof sections on the two-story portion of Seaway are being replaced, including associated mechanical items in those areas.

“It’s more efficient to review the mechanical needs at the same time and renew everything in a section at once where needed,” said Bosch.

Interior work also includes some wiring upgrades to the school, and updates to the mechanical systems.

The parking lot on the east end was dug down to the gravel base and is being regraded and repaved. The same is being done to the bus loop and parking on the west end of the school.

“There is a lot of work being done,” said Bosch.

Select exterior doors will be replaced around the school, something that has been an ongoing project over the past few years.

A noticeable addition to the front is the new canopy and entrance to the school.

“It will help with accessibility compliance and give a good curb appeal to the school,” explained Bosch.

Funding for the upgrades to Seaway comes from two sources. The province’s School Condition Improvement (SCI) program targets building envelope projects such as roofs, exterior walls, windows and doors, along with major internal systems like mechanical. There is also School Renewal (SR) funding which the board allocates based on need during budget time.

“The project is a mixture of the two, based on the need of the school and our capital priorities,” Bosch added. “SCI funding has tighter restrictions and conditions for use, so we have to use that where it most makes sense.”

Upgrades are also planned for Iroquois Public School, with a new play structure in the works, valued at $48,000.

“Installation of that should be starting soon,” he said.

No capital improvements are planned for Morrisburg Public School for this summer.

Construction at the schools is set to be completed by the start of the 2017-18 school year, September 5th.

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