$600,000 worth of vehicle purchases, and more, approved by South Dundas council

MORRISBURG – Not only did the Municipality of South Dundas approve $600,000 in vehicle purchases for this year, they also set out a new plan for vehicle purchasing from now until 2033.

At a special meeting held August 1, South Dundas council approved purchases to replace a fire tanker truck for $360,000, a public works pickup truck for $35,000, a backhoe for $175,000 and a mower for $30,000.

Each year at budget time South Dundas council approves a contribution to the vehicle replacement reserve fund and that money is used to cover the cost of vehicle replacements.

That amount can fluctuate from year to year at council’s discretion.

To make the budget more consistent, municipal staff recommended that the annual budget contribution be set at $490,000.

Council agreed to the recommendation.

“I can accept that, it just makes everyone’s job easier,” said South Dundas councillor Archie Mellan.

The United Counties of SDG use a similar approach to funding vehicle replacements.

South Dundas chief administrative officer and treasurer Shannon Geraghty said that SDG’s annual contribution to the SDG vehicle replacement reserve fund is $450,000. He also noted that SDG does not maintain a fire services fleet.

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