Seaway High’s ‘hay day’ celebrates agriculture


In their first ever  celebration of agriculture/farming, students at Seaway District High school literally pitched right in last Wednesday.

Hay Day was organized by Brian Vanmoorsel and Dylan DeJong who are the school’s first graduates of the Specialist High Skills Program in Agriculture which has been offered to students for two years.

“When we made the decision at Seaway to go after a high skills program, we took a long look at our community partners, and we realized that in this area there is a lot of opportunity in agriculture,” Principal Terry Gardiner said in a story which ran in the April 18 issue of the Leader.

Seaway’s Specialist program in Agriculture is coordinated by Co-op teachers Robert Knapp and Tanya Crosbie who assisted their first graduates to set up the day.

Hay Day was a huge undertaking which began with a number of Seaway students travelling to the school in their family farm tractors last Wednesday.

Also a big part of the day were Spooky and Maggie (Jerseys) who travelled from Belsmith Farms with Ashley and Jennifer Smith. Spooky and Maggie were very content as they chewed on some grass while students waited for them to make a “significant contribution” to the day.

Students were invited to participate in a number of activities, all of which were a lot of fun, and many of which gave them a feel for the hard work involved in the operation of a farm.

There was the throwing of hay bales, nail hammering, tug o war, tractor wheel races, and wheel barrel races and sack races to name just a few.

“This is official launch of the Speical High Skills program in Agriculture,” said Crosbie. “We have Brian and Dylan graduating from the program and this is both, the program kick-off and their farewell.”

The two graduates are preparing to some day take over their family farms, Brian the VanGlen family farm and Dylan, Dejo Holsteins. Both farms are located on the Glen Becker Road, north of Morrisburg.

In addition to the activities, each of the students was treated to a hamburg/hotdog all “100 percent Canadian beef,” said Crosbie.

Vanmoorsel was pleased with the results of the day, and proud to be one of the first graduates of the Specialties program.

There are a total of 11 students in the program all with a variety of objectives. Interests vary from careers in carpentry to veterinarian medicine.


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