Seaway Students Score in Science

“We’re batting a 1,000 per cent here at Seaway,” said science teacher Robin Gibbs. “Three years of entering the United Counties Science Fair and three years of going to the finals. I am very, very proud of Bronwyn, Stormy and Sophia for their success.”

Bronwyn Fowler, Stormy Howard and Sophia Currier entered projects in the United Counties Science Fair, held March 30-31 at St. Lawrence High School in Cornwall, and came home as winners in several  award categories. 

Stormy and Bronwyn, will, in fact, be taking their project on to the Canadian Science Fair taking place in May in Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island.

Sophia’s project, “Spoiling Fruit”  won a silver award from the Professional Engineers of Ontario, Upper Canada Chapter, and the Elementary Teachers’ Federation Plaque.

Bronwyn and Stormy’s project,  “What’s a Bean’s Favourite Colour?” won the Outstanding Research Award, and the Science Teachers’ Association of Ontario Trophy.

Sophia studied the best conditions for the preservation of fresh fruit, creating special environments for pears and bananas in particular.  “My mom was okay with fruit decomposing all around the house,” she said. Understanding and influencing fruit spoilage could help in healthier eating. 

Bronwyn and Stormy made the final determination of their topic after a 3 a.m. debate between studying light or temperature effects on the growth of beans. 

“We chose light,” Stormy said, “and used natural and artificial lights, along with our control bean plant, to affect the bean’s growth.”

“This project could help in finding out better ways to adjust green house glass for creating better crops,” Bronwyn explained.

There were 48 projects entered in the Fair this year, representing schools from all three counties, according to teacher Melissa Ringler, who is a member of the United Counties Science Fair Committee. Judges, who require the young exhibitors to answer questions and defend their ideas, are all community members involved in science careers.

Seaway’s proud principal, Terry Gardiner, added his congratulations to the three students, and to their teachers, Robin Gibbs and Janet Fowler.

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