For change, take action


If there is something in your life, in your community or in your world that you want to be different, what can you do to make it happen? 

You could wish for what you want, but will that guarantee the outcome? Probably not.

For there to be change, there needs to be action. 

With that being said, how many people would like to see some changes in South Dundas? More tourism, maybe? More jobs? Better recreation facilities?

As of 2011, South Dundas had 10,795 people living within its boundaries. During last week’s action planning “public” meetings, only six people showed up for the afternoon sessions and maybe 10 for the evening session. Are there only 16 people in South Dundas who believe changes need to be made? Probably not.

So where were the other 10,000 people? Granted, the afternoon sessions on Wednesday afternoon may have caused issues for those who work during the weekday, but what about the evening session? Accounting for previous engagements, illnesses, and other daily dramas, maybe we could eliminate the expectation of having all of South Dundas show for the evening session… but only 10? Really?

Okay, so you’re probably thinking… “ya, but it’s not like it’s going to make a difference” OR “we’ve done this before and nothing came of it.” Well, imagine life if, for those same reasons, everyone in the world just sat back and gave up trying to change things for the better. Think about the changes in technology, medicine, and human rights over the last hundred years… where would we be without them?

Changes happen because people make them happen. The people who make them happen often don’t have an easy road of it and most often have to keep plugging away in the face of rejection or failure until eventually they succeed. 

Sadly, I’ve often been one of the many who sit back and let others do the heavy lifting, believing that “they” would do it better anyway. Being propelled into so many community events and situations in the past year has changed the way I think. Sure, I still need some down time to “recharge” here and there, but I’ve come to realize that it is high time that I get out of my own comfort zone and start participating.

We each have our own talents, gifts, and ideas that only we can bring to the world. I don’t know about you, but I intend to make whatever contributions I can, while I can. -S.C.

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