Ongoing delay for time-of-use rates


Activation of the time-of-use rates for customers of Rideau St. Lawerence Distribution Inc. are delayed.

According to Rideau St. Lawrence Chief Executive Officer John Walsh, “we haven’t been able to get an actual date.” At this point, there is a “fluid date” of May 1st, but it may happen earlier or it may happen later. Walsh did say that when a firm date has been set, customers will definitely be informed.

The time-of-use rates will be divided into three time periods: on-peak (highest price); mid-peak (mid price); and, off-peak (lowest price). In addition, peak periods will change depending on whether it’s winter rates or summer rates.  

In any case, it looks like electricity will be at its lowest price on weekends, holidays, and between the hours of 7 p.m. and 7 a.m.

The activation delay, Walsh explained, is due to “a provincial delay with the MDM/R (Meter Data Management and Repository). They need to implement some new software to comply with Measurement Canada regulations. It’s all up to the government.”

For those wondering what will happen when time-of-use rates do go into effect, Walsh said that Rideau St. Lawrence will be sending out comparative bills for two billing periods prior to time-of-use activation.

The comparative bill will show the customer what their consumption and billing rates are for that time period using the present system’s set-up. In addition, the bill will also show what it would look like ‘if’ the time-use-rates had been activated for that particular bill.

In terms of when customers will actually start paying time-of-use rates, Walsh stated that Rideau St. Lawrence bills “won’t be pro-rated.”

If, for example, the time-of-use system goes into effect beginning May 1st, customers won’t pay those rates on the first bill they receive in May. In this scenario, Walsh explained, they won’t start paying time-of-use rates until their June 1st bill.

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