Remuneration and expenses up from 2010 for South Dundas council


South Dundas Treasurer, Shannon Geraghty prepared the Treasurer’s Statement of Remuneration and Expenses for the February 7th South Dundas council meeting.

According to Geraghty’s report, the total for 2011 is $107,731.99, which he confirmed is approximately 15.5 per cent higher than 2010.

In 2010, the amount was reported to be $92,240.53.

Geraghty said, “we went with a new pay calculation” for 2011. In 2010, he said, council members were paid $100 for meetings and $75 for sub-committee meetings. In 2011, however, meetings were “built into the honorarium.” This, he said, explains why meeting expenses decreased for 2011 while honorarium increased for 2011.

In addition, Geraghty pointed to the increase in professional development expenses, due to “a new council.”

Each member’s total included monies for remuneration, honourarium, mileage, as well as conferences and trade shows. Mayor Steven Byvelds, however, did not claim anything for mileage.

Byvelds had a reported total of $25,419.97, while Deputy-Mayor Jim Locke had a reported total of $19,843.84. Reported totals for each of the three councillors are as follows: $21,437.43 for Councillor Evonne Delegarde; $20,288.21 for Councillor Jim Graham; and, $20,742.54 for Councillor Archie Mellan.

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