New nomination for Cory Coons


Lighting may strike twice in the case of local musician, Cory Coons.

At the November 12, 2014, Los Angeles Music Awards, he was thrilled to bring home the Producers Choice Award for Studio Album of the Year. His album Share A Little Time was regarded as outstanding by members of the music industry. 

This year, 2015, Coons has been nominated for the Rock Artist of the Year by the LA Music Awards. 

“I am very excited to be returning again this year in the Rock Artist of the Year category,” Cory Coons said. “It means a lot that I have been nominated again by the production team and founder of the L.A. Music Awards, Mr. Al Bowman.”

A serious composer/singer, and a recording artist as well as a free lance guitar instructor, Coons has been performing extensively and honing his musical skills. Last year’s LA win honoured his “quality material and recording.”

Coons’ latest single, Seven Year Itch, was released to international radio by the Danie Cortese Entertainment Publicity Firm. Along with his previous award winning track, Share A Little Time, Seven Year Itch has enjoyed air time in 33 countries. His two hits are airing on a number of outlets including on FM, Mainstream, Internet and Syndicated Radio.

“This air time and this nomination are a positive step in the right direction, I think,” Coons explained. 

“And of course a win in my category would be fantastic, or another Producers Choice Award. Again, I’m just happy to be going to L.A., to re-live the experience and to perform at the Whiskey A Go-Go once again on September 17. It’s all about the publicity,” he said, “and the promotion career wise, in my eyes.”

Local fans can get in on the excitement, and help bolster Cory’s nomination.

Just go to to cast a supporting vote. Voting can take place right up until the actual red carpet ceremony on September 17.

Local artist Cory Coons is definitely hoping for that next lightning bolt as he prepares to head again to Los Angeles. 

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