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Congratulations to Jim McDonnell! Jim was successful in winning the position of MPP for Stormont Dundas and South Glengarry following the retirement of Jim Brownell.

I will miss Jim Brownell. Jim and I worked well together. Although we represented different political parties we were able to cooperate and collaborate in a non partisan way for the good of SD&SG. 

Jim and I both felt that the needs of the constituents of SD&SG came before political loyalties. We had much success on projects like the Benson Sportsplex, the Emergency Services building, the O.P.P. station in Long Sault, the sewage disposal upgrade in South Dundas, the Belmeade Road in North Dundas and countless others. 

We often reminisce and chuckle about a project vital to Cornwall that we had both worked very hard on. We both happened to be at a church supper in Finch when we simultaneously received a blackberry message telling us that the funding was being rejected. We quickly huddled in the corner, devised a strategy to each call our own party’s Minister responsible for the decision and had the project back on track before leaving the hall.

I am very much looking forward to working with Jim’s successor, Jim McDonnell. I have known the new MPP elect for 14 years. As MP I have worked closely with Jim in his former capacity as Mayor of South Glengarry. Jim is a consummate professional. He is a man of integrity, hard working and a tireless advocate for his constituents. 

I am confident Jim McDonnell will be a great MPP for the riding of SD&SG. I am looking forward to working closely with him to ensure SD&SG realizes its full potential.

Guy Lauzon 

Member of Parliament

Stormont-Dundas-South Glengarry

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