David Ross: The best is yet to come

Ross Video marks latest expansion to its Iroquois facility.

IROQUOIS – Friday, June 9 was celebration day at Ross Video.

The Ross workforce gathered in the new parking lot, at the new entrance of the new 55,000 square foot expansion to watch the company CEO David Ross, Company Founder John Ross and local dignitaries cut the ceremonial ribbon to declare this expansion complete.

“Ross Video has become a centrepiece of South Dundas. It’s now the largest employer. Our community owes John Ross and David Ross a bundle of thanks,” said South Dundas mayor Jason Broad, who himself is also a Ross employee. “They believed in a small town and small community to grow a worldwide business. The village of Iroquois is super proud to have you call this home.”

He added that David Ross has said ‘Ross’ job is to keep famous companies famous’ – “Well, Ross Video, and its wonderful staff, is making South Dundas famous.”

MPP Nolan Quinn said, “What Ross is doing is pretty exciting. It’s one of the few things I can go to Toronto and truly brag about.”

CEO David Ross, MPP Nolan Quinn, South Dundas mayor Jason Broad, Ross founder John Ross, MP Eric Duncan, South Dundas councillor Danielle Ward and South Dundas deputy mayor Marc St. Pierre.

“Ross Video is absolutely inspiring,” said MP Eric Duncan. Pointing out that they could literally grow their business anywhere in the world, he said, “Thank you for choosing your home here in South Dundas and SD&G. I think it shows the value of our workforce.”

Chief Manufacturing Officer Jeff Poapst thanked CEO David Ross for supporting this expansion and his continued commitment to the community. “It’s a pleasure to work for a company that has a good understanding of culture and local roots,” he added.

For some perspective,  Ross said that when he joined the company in 1991 they had been through a tough recession and had profits of about $2.5 million. The company worked hard and year after year set and achieved a number of profitability goals.

The local Ross Video workforce (pictured below) watched as local dignitaries cut the ceremonial ribbon to declare the latest $15 million, 55,000 square foot building expansion of Ross Video open. (The Leader/Blancher photos)

In the 90s,  Ross remembers giving a speech where he said, “I know there’s a lot of great things that happened in the past, but I said don’t look back. Look forward because the best is yet to come.”

“This year I expect we’re going to do roughly $400 million,” said Ross. “It’s a testament to the company’s hard work and a lot of really smart people doing a lot of great work, and supporting the customers to the hilt. It’s in our DNA. We’re at $400 million, and can you guess what I’m going to say? –The best is yet to come.”

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