Municipality on board for school partnership

MORRISBURG – An upcoming school project will end up benefiting the community.

Seaway District High School principal Trent Carter-Edwards reached out to South Dundas mayor Jason Broad about a timber framing project that students will be completing.

The Upper Canada District School Board is paying for all the materials to build a framed structure. “I was wondering if there would be an opportunity to donate the larger framed structure to the Municipality of South Dundas for its use,” asked Carter-Edwards in his letter to Mayor Broad.

“My vision would be that the completed project – in whatever form that may be (i.e. could be just the framed structure, or roof/walls could be added), would be something that Seaway students could walk past in the future and be proud of as their own handiwork in the community,” wrote Carter-Edwards.

The timber frame structure will be built on site at Seaway, so the municipality would be responsible for costs of moving the structure and site preparation at the selected location.
“I really like the idea of Seaway building us something cool,” said South Dundas councillor Cole Veinotte.

“What a great way to support the school,” said South Dundas deputy mayor Marc St. Pierre.

With council’s approval, South Dundas director of parks, recreation and facilities David Jansen will work with the school principal to coordinate and organize a project to relocate the structure, once built, to whatever location is selected.

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