Trevor Riopelle taking a run at a council seat

MORRISBURG – “We are vastly in need of change. Some young and different views are a necessity,” said Trevor Riopelle, who will seek election to South Dundas in this fall’s municipal election.

“At the operational level of this municipality there are concerns that need to be looked at,” said Riopelle adding that he thinks his work with the City of Cornwall in a union environment gives him some outside perspective which would be good for this municipality.

Riopelle said he has long considered a run for council but always planned for it to be after he was finished his time with the fire service, since you can not do both at the same time.

Having recently retired after 18 years with the fire service, he feels a bit of a void left by that community service position and thinks that serving on council may be a nice way to fill that void.

“It’s a way to make a difference by responding to people’s questions and needs,” said Riopelle. – a role that he would relish.

“I would make sure that people feel heard.”

“Deciding to run for council was not a knee-jerk reaction, based on any vendetta,” said Riopelle. “That was never and would never be my goal. I understand fully that my vote is one of only five, and that’s a good thing.

He likes the idea of being one of three councillors, where they could all draw on each others knowledge and backgrounds for the benefit of the community.

Seeking election to a councillor position was an obvious choice for Riopelle. “It’s the starter position, where you can learn.”

“For anyone running for election for the first time, it’s the responsible thing to do,” he added.

Having served the community in various capacities including as a firefighter and youth sports coach, Riopelle see this as a natural progression of community involvement.

Riopelle filed his nomination papers last Thursday. He is one of seven people in contention for three available council seats.

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