Burton returns as councillor candidate

MORRISBURG – Michael Burton will be back on the ballot for the upcoming municipal election.

Having first run for councillor, albeit unsuccessfully, in the 2018 South Dundas municipal election, he said he felt like he received a lot of support for a relative newcomer (1787 votes). He said that support is what prompted him to consider filing nomination papers to seek election as councillor once again.

When he saw in last week’s Morrisburg Leader that there was the possibility of a no contest election he said, “I just couldn’t stand for that. I believe in conversation and accountability, so that’s what turned the page for me.”

Burton has continued his active community involvement over the last four years, serving as the chair of the Morrisburg Waterfront Committee.

As well as believing in conversation and accountability, Burton said he believes that South Dundas needs a diverse council representative of people from all walks of life. “It’s an asset for a community to have a council of people with all different type of knowledge, be it construction, tourism or anything else. Everyone brings with them their own skill set, and I hope to be part of a diverse council,” said Burton.

Asked why he is seeking election to a councillor position, he said that he doesn’t think he’s educated enough, municipally-speaking, to seek a lead position and that he hasn’t been involved enough in municipal affairs to consider those lead positions.

As a business owner, he has taken into account the amount of time he has to dedicate to the job. “Councillor is the right place for me and for my community,” said Burton.

At the end of nomination day, Burton was one of seven councillor candidates who signed on to participate as candidates in the October 24 municipal election.

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