South Dundas holds the solution to a North Dundas problem

MORRISBURG – Growth in North Dundas has left that municipality searching for water supply options for the future.

The Municipality of South Dundas figures heavily into one of those options being investigated.

The possibility of a water-main from Morrisburg to Winchester is an option being studied, and it is an option to which South Dundas is quite amenable.

“South Dundas has had preliminary discussions on piping water to North Dundas,” said South Dundas mayor Steven Byvelds.

“We have always thought about the possibility of extending water services to North Dundas since we do have extra capacity.”

He reported that South Dundas is currently running at just over 40 per cent plant capacity for the South Dundas regional water treatment plant which already supplies water to both Morrisburg and Iroquois.

“It is early in the discussion process but we certainly want to continue to work with them,” added Byvelds.

The potential of such a project taking place is an attractive one for South Dundas because it would bring water to those on County Road 31, including Williamsburg and Winchester Springs, who could connect.

“But, a lot of work needs to be done first, including all of the engineering work,” said Byvelds. “We need to complete a study to ensure we have enough capacity to serve our own 20 year projections, and further.”

“I see the biggest benefit as putting the fixed and some of the capital costs across a larger user group.”

“I don’t see a lot of downside to this, if it is done right.”

Byvelds foresees the biggest challenge for such a project would be finding the money to make it happen.

“The project will take our Federal and Provincial partners to help fund it,” he said.

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