Matilda landfill only compost option for now

MORRISBURG – Until South Dundas council agrees to a more permanent solution for composting in this municipality, wood chips and yard and leaf waste is being accepted at the Matilda landfill site.

And, they are being accepted free of charge.

The gate fee is also being waived for this acceptable organic waste.

Items such as branches and tree trunks are not free, those will be subject to the normal gate fee plus the tipping fee for the size of the load, according to communications from South Dundas officials.

At the last council meeting of 2020 South Dundas council was presented with a staff report but was not yet prepared to make a decision based on the information provided.

Seasonal curbside pickup is one of the options being explored along with possible site or transfer site options.

Municipal staff, council and the Ministry of the Environment are all involved with working towards providing an organic waste solution for South Dundas residents.

Until a solution is finalized the Matilda landfill site on Seibert Road north of Iroquois will be the only option for South Dundas residents because the Morrisburg site is now permanently closed and the Iroquois site is not properly certified to be open at this time.

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