SNC issues watershed safety advisory for this weekend

FINCH – In response to water levels within its watershed, and Environment Canada’s forecast of 25-30 millimeters of rain on March 29th, the South Nation Conservation Authority has issued a safety advisory for the region.

The agency says that the rainfall is likely to produce high water levels and flooding in low-lying areas in its watershed.

An early spring snowmelt caused branches of the South Nation River to overflow earlier in March. A portion of County Road 5 near Winchester Springs was closed due to flooding at that time.

Water levels on the St. Lawrence River have been fluctuating due to high water outflows passing through the Moses-Saunders and Long Sault control dams as the International Joint Commission continues to try to drain high water levels on Lake Ontario.

SNC is advising residents to exercise caution when near the water due to changing conditions.

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