Roundabout design feature decision coming soon

MORRISBURG – During a fall committee of the whole council meeting, council had a lengthy discussion about a possible design element for the centre of the new roundabout that will be built in Morrisburg once federal funding is approved.

United Counties director of transportation and planning services Ben de Haan, was part of those discussions along with South Dundas council and staff.
The discussion was lengthy simply because the possibilities for that space are endless.

From those discussions, council identified some specific designs and they asked staff to mock-up a handful of the most popular concepts from around the table and bring them back to council for a decision.

Economic development officer Rob Hunter brought that report, which included the design mock-ups, to council at the February 3rd regular meeting.

But, at that meeting there were only three council members present because two of the councillors (Archie Mellan and Lloyd Wells) were away on separate southern vacations.

The mayor suggested that council wait to choose a design until more members are present to participate in the decision.

Councillor Mellan will be back for the next council meeting. Wells will be away for two months.

Council agreed that they can wait for Mellan’s return to make a decision.

Once council selects a concept, it will be provided to the United Counties of Stormont, Dundas and Glengarry to be included in design and engineering plans for the joint street-scape and roundabout project. Council wants to make this decision in the near future to ensure whatever they choose is included in the project tender when it is issued.

When the designs were discussed back in November, de Haan was asked by the South Dundas mayor Steven Byvleds about maintenance of the interior of roundabouts and whose responsibility that is?

Council learned that the centres of the Long Sault roundabouts are maintained by the municipality there (South Stormont), but that the counties pays them to perform those maintenance duties.

de Haan said that the counties would be happy to offer a similar arrangement to South Dundas.

Maintenance of the Iroquois roundabout is looked after by the counties, and de Haan admitted that the maintenance of the centre of roundabouts is not a top priority for the counties roads department.

The condition of the landscaping surroundings of the Iroquois roundabout has often been called an eyesore by area residents and business owners.

“I want to be able to take the lessons we’ve learned there and do a significantly better job here,” Byvelds told deHaan.

“We definitely could have done a better job there, at Iroquois, first starting with better quality topsoil which would have helped.”

Pictured below are the mock-ups of the five design concepts being considered by South Dundas council.

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