Editorial: Are you happy?

Voters will be going to the polls starting next week. In South Dundas, voters can start voting October 17th by internet, or in person at one of four different advance poll locations. On Election Day, October 22nd, you can also vote in person at the South Dundas Municipal Centre.

While there are many questions voters can ask candidates about various issues, the most important question in our opinion, is to ask yourself this: Are you happy? Are you happy with the progress made by South Dundas council in the past four years? Are you happy with the work that has been completed, the projects advanced, and the goals achieved by the current council?

Four years ago, a field of 14 candidates yielded three incumbents returning to office. South Dundas finds itself again in the position where at most, three incumbents could return to office. For the first time in a few elections, voters can also choose to wipe the slate clean and bring five new people to the council table. Regardless of how you vote, there will be at least two new faces at the council table.

To be clear, we do not advocate voting in one direction or another. We advocate for good governance at all levels of government. This includes municipalities and local school boards. Good governance should results in citizens being satisfied that the taxes paid are supporting a government that is providing good value for services in an effective, open and transparent way.

This also extends to the often forgotten school board trustee elections. Whether an English-Public or English-Catholic supporter, you should ask yourself, are you happy? The importance of education in the province makes ignoring the trustee section of your ballot perilous. Are you happy with the direction that your school board is going, or the opportunities provided by your local school or school board?

The question before voters is a very clear one. Are you happy? If so – vote accordingly. If not – also vote accordingly. Remember though, you will have until October 22nd at 9 p.m. to vote. Please become informed, and please vote.

Anyone still undecided about who to vote for can read more on our website, http://www.morrisburgleader.ca, where the responses from candidates to The Leader’s questions of the week have been posted.

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