Funds sought to replace only one water tower

Morrisburg water tower – File photo

MORRISBURG – After repeated applications for funding to replace South Dundas’ two aging water towers, the municipality has applied once again for replacement funding.

Unlike past years where the application has been for both water towers, one in Iroquois, and one in Morrisburg, this new application is for just one water tower in Morrisburg.

A report tabled at the September 4th South Dundas council meeting said that the municipality applied for $1,996,127 in funding through the Ontario Community Infrastructure Fund. The application is for just the Morrisburg water tower. In past unsuccessful OCIF applications, South Dundas applied to replacement of both water towers.

In 2017, the municipality commissioned a hydraulic study to look at the options for the municipal water system. According to South Dundas chief administrative officer and treasurer Shannon Geraghty, the early findings of the study indicate that one tower would meet the needs of the water system serving Morrisburg and Iroquois.

“We are still in the early stages and have scheduled meetings with engineers and consultants to determine the feasibility of this model,” Geraghty said. “Regardless of which option is used, the funding envelope under OCIF will not suffice the requirements needed to fund the water tower(s) and we will need to finance the balance, or look for further funding opportunities.”

Both water towers were constructed in 1957 as part of the St. Lawrence Seaway reconstruction project. In addition to Morrisburg and Iroquois, similar towers were constructed in Ingleside and Long Sault at that time. Ingleside’s was renovated in 2006 when their water system was overhauled and connected to Long Sault. The tower in Long Sault was decommissioned and removed.

Funding applications to OCIF were due August 28th.

Applicants who did not meet eligibility will be notified by October. Successful or non-successful applicants will notified in January 2019.

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