Galop Canal Marina building to comply with building code

The pavilion building at the Galop Canal Marina in Iroquois, built last year, will be modified to comply with the Ontario Building Code after a resolution was passed by the marina committee August 29th. (The Leader/Blancher photo)

IROQUOIS – The contentious building at the Galop Canal Marina will be modified to comply with municipal building code.

At the last marina committee meeting, held August 29th, members were presented with three options to resolve the problematic building.

The first option presented was to take off the sides of the building, add corner posts, laminated veneer lumber cross beams, and foundation pads to make the building compliant to the Ontario Building Code.

The second option was to remove the building except for the storage area to house the electrical service. The storage area would be available for storing equipment at the marina.

Option three was to remove the building completely, and place the electrical service in an outdoor electrical box.

After discussion at the meeting, a fourth option was created.

That option calls for the removal of the storage portion of the structure, and removal of the walls of the building. Laminated veneer lumber cross beams and corner posts will be installed, as will a concrete pad for the pavillion portion. The electrical service will be installed a freestanding box separate from the structure.

Four members of the committee present voted in favour of option four, one for option three.

At the September 4th South Dundas council meeting, deputy-mayor Jim Locke told council that the estimated cost for the changes would be $10,000. Locke is the council representative to the Galop Canal Marina committee.

Shannon Geraghty, chief administrative officer and treasurer for South Dundas told council that the funds for the changes would come from the marina’s budget and that the structure changes would satisfy the code issues.

As reported in July by The Leader, a pavilion building was constructed by some users of the marina in 2017. That building was built without a building permit. The structure was built on deck blocks, and housed the electrical service for the marina docks tied into it. Concern at the time was that the building could not withstand any wind loads due to its lack of a foundation connection to the ground.

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