Iroquois Roundabout nears completion

IROQUOIS – The first roundabout in South Dundas is set to be completed within the next two to three weeks.

Originally expected to take the full month of September, Counties of SD&G’s director of transportation and planning services, Ben de Haan, during a Thursday, August 24 on-site interview, said the work is well ahead of schedule.

In fact, the Willis Kerr crew was already busy filling the medians with cement, curing the medians already completed, and working on the design details of the ditches.

The roundabout, located at the intersection of County Road 1 and 2 in Iroquois, will soon see the roadway paved, light fixtures erected, and the final landscaping work completed.

de Haan said paving should be starting at the end of this week and, once completed, landscaping will begin.

The hardest and most time-consuming part of the job, he explained, is the initial phase, which focuses on the underground work. This, he added, is where projects are most likely to face unexpected delay-causing challenges.

In fact, he noted, the crew did discover bones at one point, essentially halting on-site work until police could confirm the bones were not human remains.

“Once you get above ground things go well; that’s the easy part,” de Haan said.

The roundabout itself consists of one official lane, along with an inner curb the size of an additional lane for added safety, as well as added ease for transport trucks moving through the intersection.

de Haan said there are no concerns with construction, noting there are quality assurance procedures in places with a Counties representative on site throughout the project.

“In our view, it’s a well designed roundabout that’s going to function really well,” de Haan said.

Roundabouts, he said, are the province’s intersection of choice.

Traffic lights require annual maintenance at a cost of roughly $5,000, he noted.

“Any time we have to put a lot of money into traffic lights I’d say we wouldn’t be doing our job if we didn’t look at (roundabouts),” de Haan said. “In the long run this is what’s proven to be the most cost effective option.”

The roundabout, he assured, is very easy to navigate with its one lane setup, as opposed to the traffic circle, which generally comes with multiple lanes.

Once work on the roundabout is completed, County Road 1/Carman Road will be paved through to Dundas Street.

It’s at this point, de Haan said, that the next project – paving the remainder of Carman Road to the Point – will take place with Cornwall Gravel at the helm.

Once completed, the Municipality of South Dundas will assume control of Carman Road from County Road 2 southward, as previously agreed upon.

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