Editorial: Enjoy every minute

It may seem hard to believe, but by this time next week South Dundas students will be enjoying Day 2 of Back to School.

This time of year, generally the day after Labour Day, is usually focused on all things school related. These range from bus safety to back-to-school shopping , from making sure you know the bus schedule to preparing for the hustle and bustle of the new routine.

Students and parents will meet new teachers and find out what’s in store for them in the coming academic year. Will the classes be fun? Will students like their teachers? Will teachers like their students? Will students, parents, and teachers be able to successfully meet the challenges facing them in the year ahead?

Let’s pause for a moment and breathe in the last of summer. Breathe in the warm, plant-filled scents. Take a walk on the waterfront. Close our eyes and feel the breeze drifting toward shore from the St. Lawrence River. Go for a swim at one of our local beaches before the temperature drops to the point where it becomes a “polar jump.”

Go for a walk at one of the local hiking trails now, while you can still do so without the heavy addition of winter gear. Snap some photos of those flowers and shrubs before they disappear. Remember, never again in your lifetime will you experience the summer of 2017.

Make it last. Enjoy every day until it’s time to board that school bus on September 5. Then enjoy every afternoon after school, every evening, and every weekend until the air turns cold, the leaves fall away, and the landscape turns white with snow.

Let’s hold on to summer for as long as we possibly can do so.

There will be lots of time to focus on the highlights of fall, including Thanksgiving and Halloween and all the changing colours that come with living in this amazing Eastern Ontario landscape.

Later, a short chill in the air will announce the arrival of winter, which leads us to what might possibly be the biggest question on the minds of students heading back to school next week: How many snow days will there be in 2017-2018?

While parents may not be jumping for joy at the thought of snow days, I’m sure their children are already planning what they will do on these wonderfully crisp school-free days… maybe throwing themselves head first into the nearest snow bank or staying in bed until well past noon… just because.

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