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What's Happening?

What in the world is going on?  I remember hearing that question when I was just a kid.  Generally it came from my Mom’s lips after we as children became too wild when playing and suddenly something got broken, or one of the smaller children got hurt, or some such occurrence. 

Mom would appear on the scene, voice slightly raised, with the famous words “what in the world is going on?” Maybe some of you remember this happening in your childhood as well?

Today I hear that same phrase again. In fact, I hear it much more today than when I was little.  

Now a days, it seems wherever you go, someone is asking the question, “what in the world is going on.“  

Today, people are wondering about the weather or about some catastrophe that has happened.  Today I hear people, who have been around for a few years, say, “I’ve never seen weather like this. I read a little while ago, that there were more earthquakes in the last decade then there was in the 20th century. I don’t know if that is a fact or not, I’m just repeating what I have read.  

Certainly, we would have to agree that we do hear of more earthquakes and more devastation today than ever before.

Just a few years ago, we heard about another catastrophe event, a Tsunami. I had never heard the word before and since then there have been several, though not as big

The weather continues to amaze me with the violent winds, heavy rain, hurricanes, tornadoes etc. No wonder people are asking, “what in the world is going on?”

May I point you to a book that has the answers for us.  It is the Bible, and it has the answers because its author is God, who knows everything and is in control of all things.  

For example, God moved the great apostle Paul to write in his letter to the Roman church.  In Romans, Chapter 8, verse 22, we read, “For we know that the whole creation groans and labors with birth pangs together until now.”  

Paul has been talking about the effect the sin has had on the world since our first parents, Adam & Eve disobeyed and rebelled against God.  Paul tells us that all creation has been effected.  However, a day is coming when God will make all things new and there will be no more catastrophic events such as we see now. 

Until then though, we can expect things to get progressively worse.  So maybe a better question is “what in the world do we do?”  

Well, there really is only one thing to do, if we want to live without fear of what’s happening or what can happen.  

A wise King, thousands of years ago told us what to do.  It’s found in the Proverbs of King Solomon, chapter 3, verse 5.  Here is what it says, “Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding.  In all thy ways, acknowledge Him and He will direct your path.”  

Sound advice, when we remember it is only God who knows it all and is able to keep us safe.  Not only in this life but also in eternity.       

Rev. Duncan Perry,


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