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"Summertime and the living is easy…"

 My thanks to George Gershwin for this wonderful song.  Perhaps you have enjoyed a wonderful long weekend of garage sales or planting a garden or flowers, or doing nothing or something else.   

Whatever you were doing or not doing, I hope that you had a moment to be open to the presence of the Spirit.  Sometimes we are too busy in work or leisure to think about the One who brought this all into being.  The One who is Wholly Love for all creation.

The following psalm from Edward Hays in his book Prayers of a Planetary Pilgrim is one of my favourites for this time of year.  

I hope that you find yourself in this song.

A Summer Sunset Psalm

O Beloved Friend and Earth Designer, 

this day’s light is seeping away,

and dark night crouches

beneath the amber horizon.

I am tired from work of this warm day,

but not so weary that I can forget

this day’s rich harvest of gifts.

I lift up my heart to you,

singing a sunset song of gratitude.

I praise you for the blessings that fill my life,

for the gifts I can recall

and for treasures I take for granted.

Gently refresh me now

with your evergreen pardon

for my failure to drink deeply of your love,

hidden cleverly in each gift

that has come my way today.

Forgive my rushing past

the countless visions of you, unique to this day,

held so tenderly in the beauty of your love.

Forgive my absent-mindeness, the deafness of my ears,

my senses blinded by my busyness today.

Blessed are you, Holy Parent,

who will soon wrap me in sleep

and cradle me in the womb of your peace.

Take a moment, breathe in and let that breath out, knowing that God is as close to you as the breath that you breathe.  Give God thanks for another day and for this glorious season of summer.

Peace and Blessings


Rev. Arlyce Schiebout

Lakeshore United Church



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