Curling up a storm


Our senior men are still curling up a storm, and have begun their fifth and final draw of the season. 

In the last one, Sid Morrell, Glenn Cougler, Keith Robinson and Earl Jeacle finished in first place, with Pete Zeran’s team right behind, and a number of other teams within a point or two. Actually Sid’s and Pete’s teams had the same number of wins, and the tie had to be broken by a check of game scores in the draw.

Still with our seniors, Cornwall’s annual McLennan Cup was run last Friday. This is always held in Cornwall, and is a two-team bonspiel. 

Our entries were Sid Morrell, Neil Williams, George Rutley and Rick MacKenzie, and Pete Zeran, Sam Locke, Earl Jeacle and Keith Robinson. It was a very tight competition among the four clubs involved, with our fellows each winning their first games and losing their afternoon matches. 

The total scores for each club are tallied to determine a winner, and our boys finished second by one point to Cornwall and tied with Prescott. Lancaster was the fourth club involved.

In senior friendly matches, our fellows are hosting their last group of curlers, from Winchester, this week. Pete Zeran’s, George Rutley’s and Don O’Brien’s foursomes are defending our honour in this one. We’ll have the results next time.

Four of our senior curlers competed in one of the last 222 bonspiels of the season. This one was in Navan, and Keith Robinson, Alice Thompson, Fred “Boomer” Langlotz and Sandra Beckstead represented us well. They defeated their morning competitors, a Navan foursome. Their high score tied them for first place at that time, and pitted them against a top team from North Grenville. When the dust settled, North Grenville won the afternoon match, and their curlers were the overall champions in the bonspiel. Well done anyway, folks.

There’s one more 222 bonspiel our curlers have entered, in Kemptville, and we’ll have three teams in the single draw competition. Results to follow.

It’s a bit early for league winners, but the score sheets on the wall show the Locke and McIntosh teams in the Thursday morning league are running one-two. The end is near, folks. Carry on.

     It’s been a rough time for many of our senior curlers, some with fairly serious medical problems. A few have had to retire from the game, and we wish them well. Hopefully they’ll drop in from time to time to share a coffee with us after the games. 

Special thoughts are with Raymond Benoit, who is due home this week, and is recovering nicely from his surgery. In another month we’ll all have the summer to recuperate, and hopefully we’ll see everyone back in the fall.

We note that Sue McIntosh’s last two-person bonspiel of the year is filled. For anyone who missed getting a team entered, it might be a good idea to put your name down as spares. Often someone has to drop out, and having a team to call on in an emergency allows for a balanced number of entries. It should be a good bonspiel on St. Patrick’s Day.

The men’s City of Ottawa Bonspiel, the largest in the world, begins this Thursday, and the schedule is available on the internet. Robert Houze from our club is competing, and we wish him well. Those interested in curling have enjoyed the national men’s and women’s Canadian championships, await their progress in world competition.

Good Curling to all.


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