History, arts and culture and cycling top priorities for South Dundas tourism


South Dundas now has a tourism strategy with a focus.

South Dundas council adopted “A Passport Forward:  A Tourism Product Development Strategy for South Dundas” in January.

Contained in that report are South Dundas’ priority tourism sectors, now identified as history and historical attractions, arts and culture and cycling.

History was identified as a priority, because history is the second largest draw in SD&G with 12.5 per cent of visitors going to historic sites during their stay. South Dundas has a unique historical narrative, which is an integral part of the community identity.

Identifying the arts and culture sector as a priority builds on thriving assets such as Upper Canada Playhouse. It responds to the increasing desire to experience the community and supports both local visitors and the family/relatives market while enhancing the quality of life for local residents.

Cycling tourism is the primary focus for sector development for Cornwall and the Counties Tourism. South Dundas identifying this too as a priority will facilitate the attraction of a new visitor market here in a format that is ideal for South Dundas as it links businesses and experiences throughout the entire community.

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