Basket Case Welcomes Authors


“We were very privileged to have these authors join us December 3 at the Basket Case to launch their new books,” said Hanne Rycroft co-owner of the Basket Case. 

Discussing their latest works with local visitors were authors Bill Smallwood, Craig Armstrong, Joel Fawcett and Pat Jamieson, along with Jamieson illustrator, Gail Stephenson.

Craig Armstrong, who was born and raised in Morrisburg, described his book, Shadows on Your Right Hand, as a work which celebrates the three “passages we all go through in life, the morning when people make decisions, the afternoon when we are in the fight of life and the evening, when we are meant to enjoy life. My emphasis is that we all possess one gift, one special skill which we need to find and make better all our lives to find contentment.”

Joel Fawcett’s Stained Glass concerns a young man’s picaresque journey across North America. Also owner of Chickadilly Bookbinding, Fawcett said of his novel, “I met many characters in my travels, became a character myself, I think, as the story took shape. This is a novel for young and old alike, colourful and often funny. I am currently turning it into a screen play”

The Raindrop That Wanted to be a River, a children’s picture novel written by Pat Jamieson and illustrated by Gail Stephenson, is the tale of a tiny raindrop with very large ambitions. “Eventually, he learns that everyone must work together to do a very big job,” said Jamieson. Illustrator Stephenson said that collaborating with the children’s author “was exciting and fun and its own adventure.”

 Author Bill Smallwood, after careers with the armed forces and civilian support, finds inspiration for his books in the events of Canada’s history, particularly those reflecting the rich heritage of Nova Scotia. “The stories in my novels, like Abuse of Power: The Acadians, are based on real events, the expulsion of the Acadians by the British, and how that expulsion affected settlers, soldiers and native peoples alike.”

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