Perspectives by Rev. Janet Evans


The Ongoing Gift

The Christmas gifts have been unwrapped. We have eaten the turkey, potatoes, dressing and pie. We have watched as a child in our church placed baby Jesus in the manager. We have decorated our homes with strings of lights, proclaiming that Jesus, the light of the world, has come, that darkness can never again be as black.

In a few days, Christmas 2012, will be behind us. Eventually, all the leftover food will be gone. We will now sing Epiphany hymns. 

We will take down the Christmas tree and put away the beautiful ornaments.

When we put away the snowmen, angels, bells and nativity sets, let us not put away the hope, peace, joy and love that comes down at Christmas.

May we put Christ at the centre of our days–may we remember that God’s ongoing gift to humankind is life.

God’s greatest gift to us was a child, a child who assures us of eternal life in His arms.

Jesus opened the eyes and minds of men and women to the great possibilities which lie within the realm of personhood.

Jesus loves us and asks us to walk in His paths of mercy, justice, caring and concern.

We are called to minister to others in a spirit of compassion and kindness–we’re to be Christ’s faithful and devoted disciples.

May the magic of the holiday season touch you, and may the New Year bring you peace.

Always remember that Jesus taught the value of life,the wonder and beauty of life, the joy of caring for each other.

This is the true gift of Christmas, and has nothing to do with purchases or wrapping.

It belongs to all of us. Amen.

Rev. Janet Evans, Iroquois United Church


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