Perspectives by Rev. Janet Evans

 Travelling the Lenten Journey

I wonder how many of you have seen the film Les Miserables? I’ve seen it twice-once with family and once with a close friend. I’d be only too happy to see it again and will undoubtedly purchase it when it comes out on DVD. 

Les Miserables is about a man who is sent to prison for stealing a loaf of bread to feed a starving child. Many themes arise from this one story, and I for one was crying as the movie unfolded.

The characters sing all of their lines, and they do such a good job that I felt that I could see into their very souls.

Les Miserables is about power perhaps gone wrong–oppression, pain, and what some people have to do to stay alive. It is, however, also about light triumphing over darkness, forgiveness, redemption and hope.

In this Lenten season, we can remember that every individual faces both good and bad times in their livers. We rejoice at occasions which call for celebration, but we sin against God and against one another. We sometimes cause pain to others but forgive people when they hurt us.

We are imperfect men, women and children. Yet God continues to love us and calls us to be the best that we can be. As His faithful followers we are to place God at the centre of our days–we are to reach out to our neighbours with compassion and mercy. We can seek justice, love kindness and walk humbly with our Lord.

As we travel along our Lenten journey this year, let us take moments for prayer, for discernment, for seeking the peace which passeth all understanding.

May we walk in the paths which Jesus has put before us–let us remember that Jesus will ever be our guide, our inspiration, our example, our teacher, our friend.

Jesus challenges us to build a better world, but He promises to love and cherish us, this day and in all years yet to come.

Rev. Janet Evans, 

Iroquois United Church


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