Sorry, Turkeys!


Turkeys everywhere are on edge. 

Twice a year (if you count Christmas), turkeys wish they barked instead of gobbled, and answered to the name Fido instead of Tom. 

Yes, it’s Thanksgiving this weekend and it’s actually hard to believe that this big fall feast has rolled around so quickly. (I feel like I’ve misplaced a few weeks somewhere.) And what’s even more frightening, with Thanksgiving here on Monday, the stores will probably be hanging out the Christmas tinsel by Tuesday. 

Incidentally, have you ever noticed how many celebrations in Canada (like Thanksgiving) seem to chiefly revolve around families eating huge amounts of food, and then feeling bloated for three days afterward? While the Thanksgiving family dinner table may resemble that classic Norman Rockwell painting for, oh, about five minutes after everyone sits down, it should be noted that the subsequent feeding frenzy can leave the dining room looking like a gravy war zone.   

(We timed Thanksgiving dinner at our house once. Twenty five family members present, all ages. From grace to empty platters, about seven and a half minutes. New family record.) 

But isn’t that the joy of a holiday like Thanksgiving?

We look forward to enjoying the turkey and ham, fresh bread, gravy, baked beans, rich salads, dressing and all those wonderful homemade pies and cakes garnished with whipped cream. No diet sheets or fast foods here. And we also look forward to sharing this bounty with those we love best, our families and friends.

This Thanksgiving, count your blessings, remember all the good times, and be sure to tell the old stories and the old jokes. Then dig into that wonderful feast of celebration.

Sorry, turkeys.                                                  W.G.

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