Seaway Sevens Hold Pumpkin Extravaganza


 It took steady hands and an eye for design, but the students in 7.1 and 7.2 at Seaway District High School proved they were up to the challenge of creating their own pumpkin extravaganza. 

Grade seven teacher, Andrew Carson, with the assistance of teachers Mr. Benton and Mme. Driscoll, and LRC teacher Mrs. Fowler, took the 43 students to the art room for some serious pumpkin work on Monday, October 29. 

“We had been preparing for today for about a week,” Carson said. “The students had to choose the individual stencils to create their designs. And of course, they had to clean out the pumpkins themselves. That’s been a little messy, but they are enjoying themselves.”

Choices of pumpkin stencils ranged from bats and ghosts to were-wolves and aliens. 

All the carvers were hard at work when the Leader arrived.

“The students have been really excited about this. Some of them have never used stencils before. Others have never actually carved a pumpkin. So they were ready to dive in this morning: it’s really a new and fun experience for most of them.”

Smyth’s Apple Orchard provided the 45 pumpkins needed for the classes.

“Those pumpkins were a very generous donation by Smyth’s Apple Orchard,” Carson said, “especially since this is their busy season. We are really grateful.”

Tuesday, October 30, all the pumpkins went to the Seaway gym for the grand lighting ceremony, “sort of our own Pumpkin Inferno,” Carson laughed. At the end of the day, each student took home the pumpkin he or she had created.

And nothing was wasted.

All the pumpkin seeds from the activity were collected and taken to the Developmental Room kitchen where they are going to be baked.

“We’ll be eating them as treats at the Hallowe’en dance this Wednesday,” Carson said. 

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