C.A.V. Sicily wraps up ‘homeless vets’ mission


Saturday, (October 27) representatives of the Branch 48 Royal Canadian Legion in Morrisburg and the local Canadian Army Veterans Motorcycle Unit Sicily (C.A.V. Sicily) got together to complete their mission in support of Operation Leave the Streets Behind for the Homeless Veterans Assistance Fund. 

In July, C.A.V. Sicily ran its first major fund raiser, since its inception in the summer of 2011, the SD&G Highlanders Highway 43 Memorial Ride which started in Perth and ended up at the home base in Morrisburg. 

The ride, which the C.A.V. had hoped would raise between $1,500 and $2,000, did just that and then some when Morrisburg Legion Branch 48 topped it up with a $2,000 donation for a total of $4,669.69 for the Operation Leave the Streets Behind campaign. 

C.A.V. president Bill “Justus” Aitken was absolutely delighted. He credited the 52 bikers who participated in the July 8 run and the community (businesses and individuals) from Perth to Morrisburg that supported it. 

“The Morrisburg Legion really went above and beyond,” he said. “They donated $2,000 on behalf of us in addition to helping us to facilitate the ride.” 

C.A.V. Sicily, named for the 1943 Battle of Sicily when the Allies launched one of the largest combined operations of WWII for control of Sicily, was formed last summer with seven members. The unit has now grown to 17 members which is a mix of 11 Veterans and six supporters, most of whom ride motorcycles. 

C.A.V. Sicily members have become familiar to the community thanks to their participation in various events. This past Saturday they were out and about as they joined the Williamsburg Scout groups, for the launch of this year’s Poppy Campaign. 

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