Residential growth valued at millions


Construction projects reportedly worth almost $17 million are taking place in South Dundas so far this year.

That’s about $7 million more than last year.

This year has been an especially busy year for residential construction in South Dundas.

South Dundas mayor Steven Byvelds reported at the Oct. 9 open forum meeting in Iroquois that the municipality’s building permit department has been “extremely busy” issuing a much higher number than average so far in 2012.

Dan Tessier, South Dundas’ building inspector, agreed that this year has definitely been a lot busier than last.

By the end of August this year 104 building permits had been issued, compared to 86 last year.

In comparing the two years; industrial, institutional and agricultural permits have remained roughly the same. 

The number of commercial building permits issued has decreased slightly, dropping from 12 to nine.

All of the growth in South Dundas appears to be residential. 

By the end of August last year, 57 residential permits had been issued. This year, in that same time frame, 79 permits have been issued.

“Things are happening,” commented South Dundas deputy mayor Jim Locke about the building permits at last week’s public meeting.

This growth, if it continues through the end of this year, helps to improve the municipality’s financial situation in two ways. 

Firstly, the fees paid by the applicants are revenue for the municipality, and so far, about $27,000 more fees have been collected this year than in the same time period last year.

Secondly, the homes/buildings being constructed will share the property tax load in South Dundas.

“Growth equals additional tax revenue. Growth is our main goal, and the main goal of any townhsip,” says Shannon Geraghty, treasurer for South Dundas. “It has a domino effect, everyone benefits from it.”

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