Marine telephone reporting in place at Morrisburg Dock

The Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) has confirmed that a working public telephone has been re-installed at the Morrisburg Town Dock marine telephone reporting site.

Canadian Law requires that individuals entering Canadian waters report to the CBSA. This is not a new requirement.

In 2011, the CBSA, in an attempt to make this reporting requirement less burdensome to Canadian and United States (U.S.) boaters, modernized its reporting requirements by allowing certain Canadian and American citizens and Permanent Residents to contact the CBSA from their cellular telephone upon arrival in Canadian waters rather than proceeding to a designated Marine reporting site and calling the Telephone reporting Centre (TRC) in order to report to the CBSA.

The following group of individuals may report by cellular phone: Canadian citizens and permanent residents who have not landed on U.S. soil; and U.S. Citizens and permanent residents who do not plan on landing on Canadian soil.

Those boaters who are residents of the United States and who intend to land on Canadian soil, or Canadian boaters who touched land in the U.S. and are returning to Canada are required to report to a CBSA designated marine reporting site from the land based telephone provided by the marina to obtain clearance from the CBSA.

To report to a TRC from a landline, only one individual may leave the vessel to call the CBSA. The vessel and passengers must be cleared by the CBSA before any other passengers are permitted to disembark the vessel.

The public telephone located at the Morrisburg Town Dock Marine Reporting Site was removed earlier this summer. While there was no telephone available at the reporting site, temporary reporting measures were put into place.

With the phone now back in place and back in service, boaters must return to proper reporting procedures.


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