Biker appreciation day

It was a celebration of biking and bikers at Gillard’s Chip Wagon & Dairy Bar on Thursday, August 16, when the Gillard family held a special night for bikers of all ages. “This night was a chance for us to give back to bikers for supporting our regular Thursday Bike Nights for the last three years,” said Sheila Gillard, eldest daughter of owners Patty and Dennis Gillard. “On a normal Thursday evening, we get between 60-120 bikers dropping in during the good weather,” said Patty Gillard. “but tonight we expect well over 200 to arrive and join us for free coffee, donuts, finger foods and beverages. These are great people, and we count them as friends for life. Word of mouth has brought bikers from Cornwall, Brockville, local areas and the United States to our stop. This Appreciation Night is our thank you.” Above are just some of the early arrivals at Gillard’s. In the inset, proving a love of biking runs in the family, are (l-r) Sheila Gillard, Kayla Gillard and grandfather John Beehler, who rides a 2009 Harley-Davidson Tri-Glide.

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