Morrisburg Dock: a priority project


On June 6th, according to South Dundas chief administrative officer Stephen McDonald, an evaluation was completed on the current state of the Morrisburg Dock.

Divers from M.C. Marine Incorporated of Brockville and engineers from J.L. Richards of Ottawa were on site for the evaluation. 

The M.C. Marine divers videotaped the underwater structure of the Morrisburg Dock in its entirety, said McDonald, and they will submit the video and a report to the engineering firm.

Armed with the divers’ report, engineers from J.L. Richards will complete an assessment detailing the dock’s current state. 

From this, said McDonald, they will provide the township with recommendations for making the dock safe right now. In addition, they will provide recommendations for long-term possibilities. 

When asked if the dock might be improved upon or made larger than before, McDonald said that “there are a lot of things to bear in mind,” including consideration of not only the engineer’s report, but also the Morrisburg Waterfront Committee’s report.

The Morrisburg Waterfront Committee will be holding a public meeting to discuss their recommendations on June 19th, 7 p.m., at the Morrisburg Legion.

Currently, McDonald said the emphasis is on making the dock safe again as soon as possible. 

While the engineer’s report will probably not be ready in time for the June 26th council meeting, McDonald did say that the engineers at J.L. Richards “understand that time is of the essence. This is a priority project.”

“We’ve been trying to get things going as quickly as possible,” he continued. “We just want to make sure that things are as safe as possible.”

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