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On May 17th, Lloya and Dwayne Sprague celebrated the grand opening of their  Home Hardware store in Morrisburg.

The couple officially took over ownership of the store on July 18, 2011. According to Dwayne, “when we got here the shelves were basically bare.”

Since then, they’ve been working diligently to refill the shelves on a gradual basis. Dwayne pointed out that as of May 18th, it has been 10 months since the Spragues took over the business and they’re “finally finished the renovations.” 

“We’ve had a lot of fun building the inventory.”

At this point in time, the Morrisburg Home Hardware has four full-time employees, including Lloya and Dwayne, as well as two part-time employees and a faithful helper.

As for customers and keeping busy, Dwayne said, “it’s been non-stop for the whole week. I’ve sold 42 lawn mowers already and I’ve ordered 40 more.”

He pointed to the special grand opening flyer where every item was listed for less than cost. The flyer went out en masse last week for the four day event. 

In addition to great sales over the long weekend, customers were greeted by members of Scouts Canada who hosted a charity  barbecue on-site.

In attendance for the grand opening were representatives from the Township of South Dundas including deputy-mayor Jim Locke, and councillors Evonne Delegarde, Jim Graham and Archie Mellan. Also in attendance were economic development officer Nicole Sullivan and recreation program coordinator Ben Macpherson.

Several members of the South Dundas Chamber of Commerce attended the official opening, including the new president, Charles (Chuck) Barkley, and the new vice-president, Carl McIntyre.

Marilyn McMahon, from the office of Jim McDonell, was on hand to present the couple with a certificate while four representatives from the Home Hardware head office attended, bringing along a plaque in honour of the grand opening.

Locke remarked that “it is great to see this filled with cars again” and turning to the Spragues, he offered: “We wish you the very best in your venture.”

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