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Life Discipline

Maybe you’ve seen the Dempster’s commercial in which two scenes are played simultaneously. One scene is of a farmer who rises early to prepare his fields to sew seed that will produce grain that in turn makes the very best bread. The other scene is of Sidney Crosby, who also rises early and is at the arena practicing while it’s still dark because he wants to be the very best hockey players.

Many today, despite his injuries, would say that he is, without a doubt, the best hockey player in the world, even better than “the great one”.

Truth is, whether your aim is to make the best loaf of bread or be the best hockey players, neither of these will just happen. Much work is involved in attaining anything that is of any great worth.

Discipline became not just a word to be talked about, but a life style to be lived.

I read that Patrick Chan, one of the world’s premier athletes, denies himself certain pleasures because of his passion to be the best. He takes a life of discipline very seriously. He watches everything he eats, how he sleeps, even the water he drinks.

Why do I refer to all of this? Well, I want to make a point.

In Christian circles, we have a word that means the same as discipline. It’s a word that no one seems to want to talk about anymore. It’s a word that conjures up all kinds of negative thoughts in people’s minds, maybe because it has never been rightly understood, or maybe because some people presented a false understanding of what it really is.

What is that word? Well, it’s “Holiness”. It is really having a passion  for Jesus, desiring to be like Him and Living a life that is pleasing to Him.

It’s not about a list of do’s or don’t’s, that only leads to a life of legalism, which God hates by the way.

So a Christian who wants to live a life that is pleasing to God is going to say “No” to some things because, like athletes, they are willing to discipline their lives to be true witnesses for the Lord, Jesus Christ.

Holiness is not a word that we should take out of the vocabulary if we are born again believers. It is really through living a life of discipline that we announce to the world that we have a passion to be like Jesus and to present Him to the world as the Hope for Humanity.

May I encourage you to pursue a life of Holiness for, “Without holiness no person shall see the Lord”. Heb. 12:14.

Rev. Duncan Perry,

Morrisburg Pentecostal Tabernacle

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